Gallbladder Removal

A gallbladder removal procedure is a surgery type used for a variety of gallbladder conditions. The Hernia & Gallbladder Centre WA is here to organise expert surgery for you, as well as make sure that you receive genuine care, clear communication and a high level of support before, during and after surgery.

Gallbladder removal or cholecystectomy

Gallbladder removal: what is it?

A gallbladder removal procedure is the most common type of gallbladder surgery. When your diagnosis requires gallbladder surgery, your surgeon may explain to you that your gallbladder will need to be removed entirely.

One of the frequently asked questions here at the Hernia & Gallbladder Centre is: 'Don't I need my gallbladder?' The good news is that normal digestion is still possible even after your gallbladder has been removed during surgery. The bile still reaches your small intestine, and the difference is that it will no longer be stored 'along the way' in the gallbladder.

gallbladder removal

Laparoscopic surgery for cholecystectomy

To perform a gallbladder removal surgery, a keyhole surgery technique or laparoscopic surgery is one of the options. The procedure is very safe and it means that as a patient you can go home after one overnight stay or - in some cases - on the same day. The exact time spent at the hospital will depend on what your specialist surgeon recommends. 

Alternatively - and depending on the assessment by your surgeon - a gallbladder removal procedure can be  an open surgery. This would be the case if you have had multiple abdominal procedures before.  In most cases though, gallbladder surgery is done as a keyhole surgery.

What are the consequences?

Many patients ask us about the consequences of a gallbladder removal procedure. It's important to remember that the human gallbladder only works as an additional storage container for bile.  Having your gallbladder removed will not affect your body's capability to digest fats, and our dietitians will be there to help you implement a suitable diet after your procedure.

The consequences of not treating a gallbladder condition may affect your overall health.  If you suffer from symptomatic gallstones you will be at risk of complications. The most common ones are cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder), pancreatitis,  cholangitis (serious bacterial infection caused by stones obstructing the common bile ducts), gallbladder polyps or gallbladder cancer.

Gallbladder removal at The Hernia & Gallbladder Centre WA

We thrive on delivering the best possible surgical outcomes. But another, equally important aspect of our mission, is to offer you support and genuine patient care and comfort. We believe that you deserve that extra level of kindness and attention as you prepare for a surgical procedure. And we are here to help.


Your diet after gallbladder removal will be focusing on making sure your body gets the nutrients its needs. That is why we work closely together at the Hernia & Gallbladder Centre WA, as a team of expert surgeons and highly qualified and experienced dietitians. Based on your treatment and care plan, your dietitian will work with you to make sure you have all the information you need.

Bile, stored in the gallbladder, is an important bodily fluid for the digestion of fat. Even as the gallbladder is removed, the liver still produces bile and it still reaches your small intestine, where fats are broken down and nutrients are absorbed.

Your dietitian will help you implement a diet that focuses on lots of fibre and moderate amounts of fat. For us, it is essential to be by your side before, during and after your surgery, as a team of multi-disciplinary experts who support you on your way to recovery.


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