If you have been diagnosed with an infection of the gallbladder, then your team of specialist doctors and surgeons at Hernia & Gallbladder Centre is here to help. A gallbladder infection is often caused by gallstones, and if your infected gallbladder needs to be surgically removed, you can count on our expert surgeons and our team of specialist doctors to provide a treatment and care plan.

Gallbladder infection or cholecystitis

What is cholecystitis?

Cholecystitis is an infection of the gallbladder, often caused by gallstones blocking the cystic duct (a tube leading out of the gallbladder into the main bile duct). The stagnation of the bile leads to the possible infection.

This infection may affect the way your body absorbs food and digests fat. That's because the gallbladder stores bile, a bodily fluid that helps break down fats in our intestines. So if the "reservoir" of extra bile gets infected, it disturbs this process and it may affect your overall health and the way nutrients are absorbed by your body.


What are the symptoms of cholecystitis?

Common symptoms of cholecystitis include:

  • fever,
  • vomiting or nausea, 
  • pain in the right upper part of the abdomen.

If the inflammation of your gallbladder is serious, then it needs urgent medical attention. The gallbladder inflammation is usually caused by gallstones: small deposits inside your gallbladder. When the stones block the outflow, the fluid becomes trapped in the gallbladder and those chemicals - or infection with bacteria - then lead to the inflammation. This is why your specialist surgeon may suggest a gallbladder removal surgery.

Cholecystitis treatment

At Hernia Gallbladder Centre WA we never give up on your health. We will be here to help you avoid further complications such as peritonitis or liver abscess. Removing an infected gallbladder is not an simple operation and specialist care is required. You can count on our many years experience in gallbladder surgeries, and on the care and support of our entire team, to plan your treatment and after-care.


Bile contains many components including bilirubin, cholesterol, bile salts, fat, proteins and water. The quality of your diet, and your overall body weight, can help reduce the risk of gallbladder & bile duct issues.  

If you have risk factors for gallstone formation, we will assist you with a detailed treatment and care plan at Hernia Gallbladder Centre WA.  It includes guidelines for a healthy diet, high in fibre and with moderate amounts of fat. That’s because a diet too low in fat can actually cause more gallstones.  

If your gallbladder has to be removed,  your liver still produces bile and you can still digest fat.  

Our dietitian will be there to help you, so your nutritional needs are met. The whole team will be by your side before, during and after your surgery, because at Hernia Gallbladder Centre WA we believe you deserve genuine care and support as much as expert surgery.


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